PolyHub Reprint Library

The library archive is intended to collect reprints of research in areas relevant to the mission of PolyHub. This resource provides affiliates with the opportunity to view the latest work of other affiliates with similar research thrusts without the need of searching through literature or relying on personal contacts. Articles are archived according to category, and may be searched by author name, year of publication, or keyword. Some articles will appear in more than one category, if appropriate, according to keywords supplied by the authors. Reprints marked with an ansterisk (*) describe research performed using PolyHub resources.

To add your latest reprint to our archive, please upload a pdf file and post to the appropriate category using the TWiki tools below. You can also email the reprint to bje@utk.edu for archiving.

(Note: The library is currently in basic form, but will grow in scope as the catalog of reprints expands; e.g., searches are not currently available, but will be incorporated later.)